High Level Inspection Surveys


Oxley Conservation in conjunction with vision2video, specialist digital film makers, are using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as a remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) or drone, to provide a high level building inspection service that combines this new technology with the knowledge and experience of an established historic buildings consultancy.


vision2video operate the latest UAV currently on the market and their fully trained pilots are qualified for CAA permission for aerial work. Our clients can be confident that each flight of the UAV is made in accordance with the safety and flying requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority and is fully insured.


Each high level inspection results in a detailed digital photographic record, with video and/or still photography, of the areas inspected such as roofs, parapets and chimneys, which are otherwise difficult to access.







This video demonstrates the practical benefits of using an RPA or drone

for inspecting buildings at height

Oxley Conservation provide the specialist input into the interpretation of the digital images and produce a condition report for the client. The informed observations and recommendations can assist with the maintenance issues of high level or difficult to access areas.


These inspections prove to be excellent value for money and eliminate the need for scaffolding or a cherry picker to gain access and the service has been used by The National Trust (read more).


The UAV used is the latest currently on the market below the 3kg mass take-off weight and is equipped with sensors and GPS to ensure that it can fly within 25cm of a single spot no matter how challenging the weather. It is operated by two pilots to reduce the stop-start safety procedures necessary with a single pilot and is able to fly in complete confidence in winds in excess of 25mph. There are 4 HD ground screens which enable constant detailed monitoring. A 10 inch live field monitor enables footage to be reviewed and revisits to be made whilst the craft is in the air.


The camera operator has 360 degree control of the gimbal which enables images to be captured even in the most difficult of lighting situations. The images are top quality with up to 12PGPIX RAW and either 4K, 2.7K or 1080p at varied frame rates.


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